Thursday, December 3, 2009

Facebook for Dogs!

Ok, now I've seen everything. My Lil' M (aka Maude Bijou Wiggle Worm) now has her own Facebook page. Dogbook.

Here's her link if you want to check her out or be friends or whatever.

I'm not lying about this.

So far, she's joined one group (Mutts Unite) but is thinking about joining Dog and Cat Chat and for those politically minded pooches out there, there's Dogs For Obama.

I haven't spotted anything for the right-leaning pups, but I'm sure Sarah Palin and her jimcrack crew is working on it.

Her Dogbook page is also linked to her Twitter page (ok, I'm kidding here, not about being linked to Twitter but Maude doesn't just jump on any bandwagon and she tried Twitter once and thinks it's for fools).

Maude also has one toy, but is open to accepting more if anyone is so kind. Hint hint.....

Maybe next they'll invent for pets?


  1. hahahaha!
    I think this is better than when people make facebook profiles for their babies. I think that's so ridiculous.

    I want to make a cat profile for Gatinha (your little lady), but it's a separate application, so I don't think Gatinha and Maude can be friends on it. So what's the point? :)

  2. FB for babies! Ewww, that's kind of gross. Anytime they make babies do things that adults do, is super scary (like the jazz babies playing trombones). lol

    If you can figure out the app, Maude would love to be buds with Gatinha!