Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dog Attack!

I got off work last Thursday and decided to take my dog for a walk. I had seen what I thought was a stray running up and down the street (he looked really dirty and junkyard dogish) but figured I would call animal control if he was still there after I got back from my walk.

I put the retractable collar on Maude and walked outside. She ran about 7 feet in front of me and I turned around to lock the door. That's when I heard Maude wimpering and crying. I turn around and see junkyard dog on top of my dog attacking her.

I ran over, cocked back my leg and gave that dog one hell of a kick (unfortunately I was only wearing flip-flops, one of which flew off and hit the wall of the house), I was screaming as loud as I could and trying to hit the dog in the face with the hard rubber part of the leash.

My dad's a veterinarian and I remembered him saying most people get bitten in dog fights because they try to grab the dogs by the collars to pull them apart. So I knew I should kick the dog in the face.

Thank God it worked and the dog let Maude, who was frightened out of her wits at this point, alone but it bared it's teeth at me and looked like it was going to attack me.

I was still swinging the leash around and screaming at it, so it must have thought better than to attack the crazy lady because it left.

I grabbed Maude, afraid the dog was going to come back, and got to my door only to discover I had locked it. I managed to get it unlocked and got Lil' M inside. She seemed ok and didn't seem hurt, just shell-shocked.

I went outside and my across-the-street neighbor came over, said she saw the whole thing and that the dog is always loose and that as soon as it saw Maude, it made a "beeline" for her to attack her.

The neighbor told me whose dog it was and I went over to confront that person (who shall now and forever after be referred to as ghetto neighbor). I shouldn't have gone over as angry as I was, but I was really shaken up about it.

She wouldn't come out at first, but when she did she basically told me she didn't care and wasn't going to do anything about it (did I mention she is super ghetto?).

Since we're in military housing, I called the property manager's office and told them what happened. They're really concerned, especially since she lives across the street from the playground, and asked me to get the names and addresses of my 2 neighbors who saw the attack so they can get their witness statements.

The next day, I get a call from the property manager saying that ghetto neighbor's (GN) statement is completely different from mine but that the witnesses are backing up my story.

GN said that I was walking my dog past her house and that she and her son were out on the lawn with their dog who was on a leash and that the 2 dogs sniffed each other and that was it.

I asked the property manager if GN had described my dog since she has never seen it because the attack happened on my property, out of her view.

GN described my dog as a 20-pound beige dog. Lil' M is a 14-pound black and white Chihuahua mix. There is absolutely no way the woman has seen my dog before.

What a liar! When I told my immediate neighbors about it, they said GN's house is so dirty that the property manager makes official visits once a week to make sure they are cleaning. It's so dirty that GN got rats (which meant their 2 immediate neighbors got rats too).

What a ridiculous saga.


  1. Rats?! Ghetto, indeed! Is military housing a right or a privilege? What else do they have to do to get kicked out?

  2. oh and yes, my cups are from a cheap "9.99 and under" type store here. They must have been rejected from American stores and sent south. I'm sure it goes without saying that mine didn't have any warnings about the paint!

  3. It's not really a right or a privilege. Basically, you get X percentage taken out of our paycheck every month (I think the only benefit to it is that it's pre-tax). Each zip code has it's price. So you can actually make money if you live in an expensive zip code, but live with like a million people (this happened to a friend of mine who lived in North Jersey--expensive--but she lived in the basement of a house with a ton of other roommates.
    I'm hoping these people get kicked out.

    In SD, housing is a good deal because with what we get, it would be hard to find something comparable. But in some (less expensive) cities, it doesn't matter. We chose to live here since we drove cross-country and didn't know anything about the neighborhoods. It was an easy way to get a decent house in a safe neighborhood.

  4. I said our paycheck but meant Leo's paycheck

  5. Ugh, sounds like my old neighbors, but they just had roaches, no rats. Poor little Maude!

  6. @Mrs. Carioca-Roaches are worse, at least for me. I'm glad we're moving, lol!