Friday, August 13, 2010

Road Trippin' USA

So we left San Diego on the last Friday in July and began our week-long cross country move. I had wanted to take the more northerly route so I could hit some of the states I haven't been to yet (one of my goals is to see all 50). This route would have taken us through Nevada, Utah (never seen), Colorado (never seen), Kansas (never see), Nebraska (never seen), Illinois, Indiana and on to Ohio.

However, since we were caravaning and Leo had to tow a huge enclosed trailer, we (read he) decided to take a less mountainous route through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and then Ohio.

The only new state I got to see was Missouri and we had a fight right before we got to St. Louis, so we didn't even stop to look around. I did get to see the famous arch though, which was pretty but I wouldn't go out of my way (although it really was huge). Apparently you can go all the way to the top but if you suffer from a fear of heights like me, this is something you definitely won't want to do.

I did get to see a few interesting things though. Like Cadillac Ranch, a public art installation/roadside attraction in Amarillo, Texas.

Amarillo also boasts the largest cross in the western hemisphere. I don't know if this is true, but all the signs along the highway claim it's the largest.

I also learned that the panhandle of Texas is apparently the only place where 90's Swedish rockers Ace of Bass are still popular since they played their two Top-10 Hits ad nauseum on every radio station.

I also found out that Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" is way more popular than I ever realized. I heard it about 10 times through 6 different states. Interesting.

I learned that Gallup, New Mexico was about the most depressing town I've ever seen. Everyone there looked super glum. Places like that you can see how people become meth heads. I don't think there's anything else to do.

A couple "historic" things happened in the states we were in. We were in Arizona when the controversial new immigration law "took effect". I'm still confused on the status of this thing. I know some parts of it were overturned by a federal judge. We were also in Arizona when 3 inmates escaped from prison. To date, one of them is still on the loose (with his fiance and cousin who helped them escape--gotta love that incest).

We were in Missouri when voters there (symbolically) voted to reject the Obama health care law.

Then, we make it to Michigan (we stayed with my parents for 2 nights since our furniture hadn't arrived) and there's a serial stabber on the loose.

Apparently, he had stabbed 15 people and 4 of them died. His MO was that he would go up to men late at night, on the street, ask them for directions or help with his car and then just stab them repeatedly. Weird.

They actually just caught this guy yesterday in Atlanta (he was boarding a plane for Israel, where he's from) and they're extraditing him back to Michigan.

Now, we're just setting up the house and enduring a Great Lakes region summer full of humidity and little breeze. Ugh. I had forgotten about the humidity here.


  1. Blah. Sounds like it could've been better. ;op At least it's over?

  2. It was tiring--you always think it will be fun and you can visit all these places but the reality is that it sucks it

  3. This whole entry made me laugh! It's great you got to add one more state to your list, but how unfortunate the fight kind of hampered that. I can understand how the long drives can eventually wear things thin between two people, no matter how close and great you all will get along otherwise. Hopefully you'll get another opportunity to see those states you listed, those fly-over states. I too want to see a lot of them, as people who come from there and live away now tell how they miss it sometimes like crazy. I hear too the midwestern attitude is the best in the country, so I want to experience it for myself. And, by coincidence, the very same Cheap Trick song you mention here came on the Dutch radio station [City FM] right before I opened this blog entry. No joke! Before I write a book for a comment, I'll close. Glad you made it safe and wish you a great weekend! P.S. I hope this new comment set up will help stop those chinese comments you were getting. I got them too for a while, so they stood out to me here. Buggars!

  4. Hey Isabella!
    Yes, the long drive does wear thin (especially when you're caravaning and your cell phone keeps dying and you only have 1 charger between you because the packers packed the other one--oh and you're driving through the country's worst heat wave in 4 years--it was 107 in OK City).
    That's funny about the Cheap Trick song coming on the radio there--it really is a popular song! lol

  5. Glad you made it safely, Kristin! I am the only person in the world who had fun (both times) driving through New Mexico (didn't even have to partake of the meth! haha) :)

    Looking forward to pics and stories of the Great Lakes area! Never been to that region. Good birdwatching, I hear...And cross-country skiing, right? Good luck with the humidity.

  6. Haha... it sounds like you were hoping for something else, but your post cracked me up :)