Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recoleta Cemetery

This is one of the top rated things to do in Buenos Aires and everyone seems to love it, but for me it was just ok. I'm not into Evita which is why most people seem to go. And I've seen above ground cemeteries before (they have them in New Orlean, Louisiana but they warn you not to go in there since they are a breeding ground for petty thieves).

Alas, Recoleta was no different. My friend Danielle came down and someone tried to snatch her purse while we were walking around the outside (the entrance is very hard to find). Three teenagers walked past us and one of them made a snatch and grab at her purse (Danielle had done everything right in that she had looped her bag across her shoulder and I think it was under her jacket) but they were just stupid teenagers looking for a thrill.

We were both shocked but I managed to yell some English curse words at them until I remembered Spanish and managed a, "Pendejos!!" which according to whoever's translation you trust means, alternatively jerks, idiots or as my mother insists, pubic hair.

We took it in stride but as everyone notes, just be careful. We didn't look like rich tourists, ummm because we're not. But I will say other than this isolated incident, BA was very safe and I took many a cab inebriated and also walked home by myself late at night on quite an occaison (by late at night, read 11 p.m. Sorry I'm old---actually here it's not so much that I was safe but rather than no one else was out yet partying).


  1. Yeah, the attempted mugging definitely put a damper on our visit to that cemetery! I credit the mugging's failure to the fact that my purse strap was made of metal. Dumb kids!
    Anyway, cemeteries are cool if you're like, an expert in old grave architecture. If not, they all kind of look the same. Is that rude and uncultured of me to say?

  2. I have seen this on Discovery TLC , one evening. It seems a bit creepy ... like any other cemetery, being it Lachaise or something else. Did it feel any strange to walk there ?

  3. @Danielle--YOu could never be rude or uncultured =)

  4. BTW, Anonymous is me, Kristin. F'ing Blogger won't let me post idea why but I'm frustrated.

    @Rosabell-It was a little strange but there were so many other tourists there so it's hard to be scared when there are so many people walking around and taking pictures, lol!