Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sipson, England

This had to have been one of the weirdest places I have ever been. For my last night in England, I wanted to stay at one of the hotels near Heathrow since I had an early flight and had to return the rental car (whose GPS died on me enroute to the airport and I had to get Internet directions from the manager of a local pub).
I gambled on Expedia's blind fare (where you accept a price but don't know what hotel you will be at). I got Holiday Inn. Sigh. But it was a nice Holiday Inn. I think I was getting it confused with Howard Johnson's or something.
I wanted to have a glass of wine but not pay bar prices, so I asked the front desk guy how far of a drive is it to a store? He told me I could walk out of the hotel, turn left and there would be a pub.
This was in itself a little odd, since there was nothing else around there besides the airport. Most airports I've ever seen are like our Detroit Metro (basically stuck out in the middle of nowhere so no one complains about the noise) and Heathrow is no exception.
So I walked literally 250 feet down the road and see the pub but I walk another 300 feet and see another pub and a small village. Mothers were picking up their children from school and walking them home, people were hanging out in front of the pub or just walking around.
It was surreal to be so close to one of the world's busiest airports and then have this scene of domesticity and everyday life.
Apparently, there was a huge controversy in this village (called Sipson) because Heathrow wanted to expand and the village would have been destroyed. They eventually won but are still bitter about it.


  1. If you ignore the airplanes passing overhead, it almost looks like one of the quaint towns from the British soaps that you (and my grandma) like so much.

  2. Oh wow! I've flown through Heathrow before but didn't realize how close it was to everyday life! It was cloudy when we came in for landing and I had an aisle seat - My one and only time coming through that airport (I've never been to England otherwise). Loving your blog entries about England, though - I'd love to visit one day!

  3. Hi Kristin,
    I am writing a story about Heathrow for college and I wondered if I could use your photograph of the plane going over the house in Sipson?
    Please let me know, it's such a great picture.
    Kind regards,

  4. Hi Kristin,
    I am writing a story for college and I would love to use your photograph of the plane flying over a house in Sipson - would that be okay with you?
    Many thanks

  5. Hi Kristin, I'm writing a story for college and wondered if I could use your photograph of the plane going over the house in Sipson? Please let me know. Thanks, Kelly

  6. HI Kelly-

    Of course you can! Truthfully, I just got it off the Internet since my camera had already been packed. Good luck with your story!