Friday, September 18, 2009

Europe Bound!

So after some slight confusion (completely on my part) on when our Christmas holidays actually start, I'm ready to book my tickets to Europe for December. Yes, I know that's not the best (or the cheapest) time to go, but the university I work for has wisely decided to give it's employees a paid vacation between Christmas and New Year's. Did I mention I love, love, love this benefit?

Last year, I went down to Guadalajara

and Guanajuato, Mexico

Photos you take yourself are so flattering....

Callejon del Beso (Alleyway of the Kiss)= Mexico's answer to Romeo and Juliet

Pepila! Mexican resistance fighter against

the Spanish.

But this year I decided to venture further from home and visit some friends in Europe.
My plan is to fly into Brussels and stay for a few days. Then take a train down to Basel, Switzerland for Christmas--hopefully see a few more cities in Switzerland and then head down to Bologna, Italy for a few days. I'll fly home out of Bologna on January 2. Exhausting but doable.
There's so much I want to see, but first I have to buy some winter clothes. Which, believe it or not, they sell in Southern California. Every "winter" I see these heavy coats in the stores.
I guess it's all relative. My mom retired down to Boquete, Panama which is cold for Panamanian standards. It's up in the north near the Costa Rican border and it's kind of in a valley.
So, it'll be a nice, comfortable temperature down there and people have mittens and scarves on. Too funny!


  1. Woo hoo, Europe! You're gonna have a great time! :D

    I think that people's definitions of cold/hot are so psychological. If they see a lot of other people wearing winter clothes, they start thinking "oh man, it's so cold!" or if everyone keeps saying "oh, it's so HOT today!" they start to feel hot. I don't know. Just something I noticed living in different climates.

    I miss youuuuuuuuuuu

  2. I miss you too! How are things down there? I want to come visit again!

  3. What a wonderful paid vacation! Congrats & enjoy! :-)