Friday, October 9, 2009

Crazy California Drivers

So I know that every state I move to, I say the drivers are bad. I moved to Atlanta, I was like WTF?

I moved to Boston, I was like, these people don't know how to drive.

I moved to Philly, I was like these people have no clue.

I moved to Virginia Beach, I was floored by how bad the driving skills were.

However, California drivers really do take the cake.

It's not that they're all that bad at driving, they are just super rude. For example, you know the courtesy wave that people give to you when you graciously let them in front of you? Doesn't exist here.

It's taken as some sort of birthright that you only exist to let them out in front of you.

You know the slow lane? That's supposed to be used for slower cars?

Here, it's the passing lane.

In other states, when you're trying to merge onto the highway, most drivers who are already on the highway (in aforementioned slow lane) merge over into the next lane in order to give the merging drivers room to get onto the highway.

Not here. They just toodle along, not letting you over. Despite the fact that it's very obvious you are trying to get on the highway.

I truly believe people from Detroit are the only good drivers in this nation. Maybe it's because we've all had cars since we were 13 or something. Who knows?

I've also never seen a state where there is so much crap on the highway as well. I'm talking mattresses, ladders, sofas, clothing and tables right in the middle of a lane.

And people just swerve around it like it's no big deal. Last weekend, there was a huge bumper in the middle lane of I-8.

It's because people drive around carrying their entire household goods and worldly possessions in the back of their pick-up trucks here.

It's ridiculous, but kind of comical.

Although the first time I had to swerve across 2 lanes of traffic to avoid a mattress I wasn't laughing so hard.

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  1. Yeah... the drivers in CA that surprised me with their generosity and patience always ended up having out-of-state license plates.

    But I'd take driving in California over driving in Brazil any day!