Saturday, October 3, 2009

Raffle Winner!

So, I have to go to these HR meetings for work. Some are fun, some are not so fun. But this last one I was actually looking forward to going to. Basically, you had to fill out a personality assessment (kind of like Myers-Briggs) and it would tell you how you communicate and the best way to communicate with others.

Have you ever felt like you just can't communicate with someone at your job? Or you are at a meeting and people are just talking about the same thing over and over and never seem to come to a decision---and this either drives you nuts or you're cool with it?

This "psychological inventory" is called DISC for the 4 main personality styles it breaks people down into: Dominant; Interactive; Steady; Compliant.

Here are the criterion--I think most people can peg themselves or a coworker pretty quickly without going through this training.

High Dominant Style
Pace Fast/decisive
Priority Goal
Seeks Productivity/control
Strengths Administration/Leadership/Pioneering
Growth Areas Impatient/Insensitive to others/poor listener
Fears Being taken advantage of
Irritations Inefficiency/Indecision
Under Stress My Become Critical/dictatorial
Gains Security by Control/leadership
Personal Worth Measured By Impact/results/track record and progress
Workplace Efficient/busy/structured

High Interactive Style

Pace Fast/spontaneous

Priority People

Seeks Participation/Applause

Strengths Persuading/Motivating/Entertaining

Growth Areas Inattentive to detail/short attention span/low follow-through

Fears Loss of social recognition

Irritations Routines/complexity

Under Stress May Become Sarcastic/superficial

Gains Security Through Playfulness/Other's approval

Measures Personal Worth By Acknowledgements/applause/compliments

Workplace Interacting/Busy/Personal

High Steady Style

Pace Slower/relaxed

Priority Relationship

Seeks Acceptance

Strengths Listening/teamwork/follow-through

Growth Areas Oversensitive/slow to begin action/lacks global perspective

Fears Sudden changes/instability

Irritations Insensitivity/impatience

Under Stress May Become Submissive/indecisive

Gains Security Through Friendship.cooperation

Measures Personal Worth By Compatibility with others/depth of contribution

Workplace Friendly/functional/personal

High Compliant Style

Pace Slower/systematic

Priority Task

Seeks Accuracy/precision

Strengths Planning/systematizing/orchestration

Growth Areas Perfectionists/critical/unresponsive

Fears Personal criticism of their work efforts

Irritations Disorganization/impropriety

Under Stress May Become Withdrawn/headstrong

Gains Security Through Preparation/Thoroughness

Measures Personal Worth By Precision/accuracy/quality of results

Workplace Formal/functional/structured

So that's a very rudimentary graph of the process. You can read more here.

So I scored a very high Dominant style, which in some ways is not so great. For example, I don't want to be impatient or critical but, let's face it, at times I really can be.

It's not a very common style, but my coworker (who is very good at reading people) saw my results and was like that's so you.

During the workshop, out of the whole group of 18, there were only 3 Dominant styles (that may be because it's all women who work in HR, but who knows?). The biggest group was Steady with 9 women.

What's very weird though, is that all 3 of us had sat right next to each other (without knowing it) and we're all left-handed! I think that's a very strange coincidence. Out of a room of 15, we all sit in a row and we all use the same hand to write.

Anyway, at the end of the workshop the facilitator did a raffle and I won!

A free 2-day workshop learning how to administer these DISC assessments. It's a $2,000 prize. I've never won anything that big in my life.

I wish it had been a free vacation, gas cards, stock options, massage therapy.....but having talked to several people in HR, they say it's a huge benefit and a great thing to be able to put on your resume. Not that I want to work in HR, but in this economy, any extra skills or certifications are always welcome.

The hubs still thinks it's a pyramid scheme though. Wait until I administer the test on him. Then we'll see who's laughing....

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