Friday, January 8, 2010

Switzerland Ho!

My final morning in Belgium was spent last-minute packing and then dragging my suitcase through the extremely snowy and icy streets of Brussels, all the while praying the wheels wouldn't fall off my luggage.

Before catching my train to Basel, however, we did manage to squeeze in a few things, including eating a Belgian waffle! The best thing ever!

Unfortunately is wasn't from the guy on the left. He normally parks outside the art museum, but the day we went the buzzard wasn't there!

I had to get my waffle from this place.
It was still delicious, but not so great as getting it from a guy on the side of the road, Philly style.

We also hit some last minute shopping and a quick, but fabulous, trip to the Royal Museum of Fine Art to see the Reubens.

Immediately afterwards, we ran to the train station where I was promptly put on a 6-hour train ride to Basel. I was hoping and praying to get my little nook to myself, but unfortunately a rather unattractive and loud Belgian/French? couple sat in the seats opposite. They kept running out for cigarette breaks at all the stops, swilling beer and basically conversing really, really loudly in French.

Personally, I was most mad because nobody told me you could drink beer on the train! lol. I haven't seen that since the Long Island Railroad. I have to admit I always liked the idea of being able to drink a beer on the train home after a stressful day at work in Manhattan.

Before we leave Brussels, I have to post one more shot. Ok, wait I just realized I fibbed because I found one more. This one is of the King's Palace and if anyone out there can settle a long-standing dispute of whether when they fly the flag it means the King is at home and working or merely just in Belgium, it would be greatly appreciated.

I arrived in Basel about 8 p.m. and my friend Laura and her sister were waiting for me. We dropped my stuff off at Laura's place in Basel Country (which sounds extremely far away but is really just the next "village" over from Basel and took 5 minutes to reach from the downtown train station) and then we went to another Irish bar, Paddy Reilly's for Laura's birthday. It was great, but super packed and, living in California, I had forgotten how many people smoke in bars.

Here is her looking all pretty and me looking all sad sack after a long journey.


  1. woo hoo! Sounds like a fun last day (aside from the debilitating snow).

    So wait, they didn't sell beer on the train? Did the loud couple bring it on themselves?

    I hope the smoking in the bars wasn't too difficult and annoying for you. ;oP We Calforinians are so spoiled.

    can't wait for the next one! xo

  2. Yeah, they brought it in a backpack, lol. They sat down and cracked open this huge can that they split and then the guy kept going to the luggage rack to get more!
    I was told there was a "bar car" on the train but it's really expensive and since apparently you can bring your own, why bother?
    I never even left my seat since I was traveling alone and didn't want to leave my stuff by itself.
    BTW, glad to hear about the moth!!!

  3. Unfortunately can't help you with the King's Palace question, but the beer on the train I have seen as well! Interesting to see & a first I had nearly forgotten all about until I read this post. I was a little shocked at first, but I think I lucked-out. Those who were drinking were actually so well-behaved for people drinking as many beers as they were ;-)