Friday, January 1, 2010

Who killed Archie Mitchell?

One of the pleasant side benefits of a holiday in Europe is that I can catch up with the one and only soap I like, "Eastenders". Being that it^s a British soap opera, I don^t really catch it all that often. Meaning that I only watch it every few years when I,m in Europe or when my local PBS station decides to air a decade old episode.

So imagine my delight when I learned they give not one, but 2 episodes of Eastenders daily in Swtizerland! My enthusiasm was slightly dampened when I realized it is the exact same episode, but nonetheless it^s Eastenders and who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

I spent one entire morning on Wikipedia reacquanting myself with all the characters and plot twists and turns since I^d last ventured into Albert Square in 2005. Much has happened, yet much has stayed the same. Ah, the sage wisdom of Eastenders.

In case youäre (damn European keyboards!) interested, I^ll leave you with the cliff hanger of the decade (literally). The Eastenders Christmas special 2009 entitled, "Who shot Archie Mitchell". Admittedly a cut rate rip off of Dallas in the early 80^s, but c^mon the show has been on for 25 years already. I^m sure the writers are starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel with new plot lines.

Without further ado, the Eastenders 2009 Christmas special (well, a part of it anyway)

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