Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blogger Etiquette

After having spent the better part of a week dealing with a computer virus and not having access to the Internet all weekend, I got to thinking about blogger etiquette.

This came up because I saw I had a new follower who invited me to follow her blog. She had some sort of restricted access on it and I couldn't read it, so needless to say, I couldn't follow it.

Within a few days I noticed she had stopped following my blog.

What is that? Retaliation for not following her blog? lol. I'm still not sure, but if anyone out there has any ideas, shoot them this way.

Personally, I feel bad when I stop following someone's blog. Almost like I'm being somehow rude to someone who I've likely never met and likely never will. What gives with that?

This is why I'm now following like a million blogs (even if the person stopped writing months ago). I really need to spring clean my following list.

One thing I've been lucky to have been spared so far are any nasty comments. (Watch, now I just jinxed myself).

I've seen some pretty snarky hit and run comments on people's blogs and think this is pretty stupid.

There is a little thing called Freedom of Speech, so if you don't like someone's blog Stop Reading It.

Anyone have any thoughts on blogging etiquette?


  1. I'm a little amused that you start this post with 'It's hard to stop following blogs!' and conclude with 'Just stop following blogs you don't like!' :)

    When I first started blogging I felt obliged to read and comment on all the blogs of people who read and commented on mine. But soon it started feeling like a chore and a waste of time, so I decided to absolve myself of guilt and just read and comment when I want to. I still follow too many blogs, though - I should do some spring cleaning as well.

    When I got my first nasty comments they really bothered me, but now I find them amusing for the most part. Plus it feels so satisfying to delete them.

  2. I saw this on my reader, even though I'm currently on a "blogging hiatus," and I had to read further ;-)

    I have the same as Jul shares above with the my-commenting department. Sometimes I just don't even have the time to go through all of the blogs, which makes me glad I have this reader so I can see whose blogs are most recently updated & how many posts I've missed.

    I don't know quite where to draw the line with other blogs otherwise. I also started a spring cleaning of my list recently, but I only got through the A's. I had to stop after this because it was taking so long to decide if I truly wanted to follow some still or not. It was then when some etiquette questions about this popped up in my mind, very similar to what you've written here about. I guess if they haven't posted for a year, it's a good time to stop following.

    Have a great day :-)