Friday, September 10, 2010

Early Morning Stroll through Boquete, Panama

I haven't posted many pictures of the town I'm staying in, so I thought I'd remedy that with this post. Here are some pics I took last Sunday morning when I walked into town.

This is the road into town from my Mom's house. Many of the indigenous people who live up the mountain walk this road into town everyday (as do many Panamanians and myself). From my Mom's house, it's about a 20-minute walk to downtown.

This is my Mom's dog Daisy (Margarita in Spanish) who loves walking into town.

This is a view from the fairgrounds. Every January, there is a huge coffee and flower festival. Coffee is one of the main exports here.

Here's the Caldera River (which flooded a few weeks ago) and floods at least once a year. The bridge by my Mom's house has been washed away twice so far and the government won't rebuild it, which means we have to go the long way into town.

This is the local chicken shack by day, disco by night. Don't ask.

Local supermarket by my Mom's house. Panamanians love them some chicken.

Another view of the outskirts of downtown.

Hopefully, I've given you a small idea of what life in Boquete is like. More to come!


  1. So green! But I don't know how your mom doesn't go crazy with boredom there.

    Does it remind you of RP at all? :)

  2. I used to think so too, but she's 66 and she's probably more active here than in the States. They've created their own little community down here. They do TONS of volunteer work (my mom is in charge of a HUGE yearly auction and they've already raised almost $40,000 for 3 different charities), they play bridge, they've organized a community theater (I went to a Broadway review the first week I was here) and they gossip and drink wine. lol.

    It reminds me of RP only because they are both developing countries, but Boquete is more of a small village and there are TONS of foreigners here (including quite a few young people) and there is a central square.

    RP is much bigger (ie. has a shopping mall and a hospital) and more spread out. My guess is that you would like Boquete more, because the people are all super nice and there's no "I've never seen a foreigner in my life" mindset. There's a big city 45 minutes away called David that has a Price-Mart and hospital and all that stuff.

    Less than a month!!!