Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ok--the Crocs are Out Forever!

I knew my love affair would come to an end one day, I just didn't think it would be exactly how it was.

I had already promised my Mom the Crocs (again, they suck but they are the perfect shoe for the rainy season here) but I went to put my foot in one this morning and felt a mild tickling underneath my sole.

It took me a second to place it, but then I was like, "Cockroach...AAAHHHHH............So gross..........Get it off! Get it off Get it off!!!"

As I yanked furiously at the shoe, I finally realized that the ankle strap was stuck and I couldn't get it off (all the while the cuckaracha was fluttering his nasty wings and trying to escape).

Finally I got the damn thing off, flung it to the floor and hopped onto the back of my Mom's loveseat.

So not how I want to spend my Saturday morning.


  1. haha! Disgusting!!! I can imagine that would be a dealbreaker. If they're tropical rain-proof, they've gotta be insect-proof, too.

    See you in just a few days!

  2. Too funny. I had one fly out of my shoes and into my face when I was studying in Venezuela. Then it ran under the bed and my legally blind host mom who had heard my screams came running into the room swinging a broom in the air. Don't quite know what that was supposed to accomplish.

  3. haha @Danielle. I wasn't planning on taking those things outta Panama but I didn't know it would end so dramatically!

    @Sara. That's basically what my mom did too, all the while I was perched on the back of the loveseat!

  4. That would be a dealbreaker for me too!

  5. @Isabella--I never thought in my life I would be wearing a pair of Crocs but they are really popular down here because they are so practical for the rain. Although I´ve been in Panama City for 2 days and no rain yet although it´s more humid than Florida in the summertime.

  6. So! The love affair with the Crocks is over.
    Good riddance.