Thursday, April 1, 2010

California Vacation Wasters

Another strange thing that Californians do is that they chose to vacation in places that are exactly like where they live already.

For example, a colleague, who I consider to be an extremely intelligent and well-rounded man, recently told me of his latest vacation.

Me: Oh, where did you go?

Respected Colleague: Oh we went down to Cabo (San Lucas, Mexico) for the week.

Me: Oh, that must have been fun.

RC: Yeah, my wife got a great deal on the Internet. $500 per person for 4-days at a resort down there.

Me: What did you guys do?

RC: We went surfing and hung out on the beach.

Me: Wow, that sounds like a blast (said while thinking, WTF? Can’t you do that in San Diego without even leaving home and spending any money let alone vacation time?)

RC: Then one day we went into town for a little bit to see all the touristy stuff but mostly we just hung out at the resort.

Me: Hmmm

I don’t get it. Cabo is a 1-hour flight and not even “real” Mexico. More like Spring Break Mexico.

Why bother spending the money to go to a place that looks and feels exactly like where you live?

However, it’s not confined solely to the West Coast. Back in Philly most families would spend their 1 or 2 week vacations, “down the shore”. AKA the Jersey Shore (and no, I’ve never seen that TV show nor plan to).

I didn’t understand that either. You wait all year for your vacation and then you spend it approximately 1 hour away down the NJ Turnpike.

Although truth be told, I guess I have to side with the Philly people here since that city doesn’t have water, so getting away to the sea side is kind of a big deal.

Why San Diegans would bother spending money to go down to Cabo is beyond me.

When I travel, I want to see places that aren’t like the place I live.

But that’s just me I guess.


  1. Hilarious because this is very true, and I love how you wrote about this & all topics like this! I also have never seen the TV show, by the way ;-) Have a great weekend!

  2. Hahaha! I know!! I love it. Great post. My brother and sister-in-law spend weekends at Loew's Resort in Coronado. They live in Rancho Bernardo. The thing is, we sometimes do the same thing because we know we won't always live here; we absolutely freaking love it here; and we want to make darn sure we explore and saturate ourselves in local places like Baha and Santa Catalina Island. We spend most of our free time in the desert. So yeah...I can relate to the dummies :)

  3. Lol, this was definitely written tongue in cheek because I certainly can't dictate how people spend their vacation. It's just we (Americans) get so little vacation that I want to maximize it and see as much stuff as I can.

    thanks for the comments!